The Top 5 Facebook Marketing Strategies Every Business Needs

One of the most important social media networks your business needs to be on is Facebook. And if you’re reading this, chances are you know that already, or at least you trust whoever told you that was true.

But – are you confident that your Facebook marketing strategies are as effective as they could be?

faThe Top 5 Facebook Marketing Strategies Every Business Needs | @theresacifaliThe purpose of marketing your business on Facebook is to boost profits, of course. But how do you do that?  One of the proven strategies for using Facebook to grow your business is to create an audience of engaged and loyal fans and customers who eagerly look forward to your brand’s updates.

Is your Facebook engagement steadily growing, or have you found your marketing efforts slowly choking? 

Growing your Facebook engagement – both in terms of number of fans and the level of their engagement on your page is the result of consistent, proven activities that make your business stand out as the provider of choice in your category.Think that’s something you can do?  Here’s how.

5 Facebook Marketing Strategies Proven to Grow Your Business Online

1. Be personal
This is key – people want to connect with people, not nameless and faceless brands!  So make sure that the content you post on your Facebook business page is personable, warm, and shows who you are as a business.  Show the people behind the brand. Reveal your personality in your posts.  This is one of the ways that increases engagement most consistently.

2. Be consistent (in timing and kind of content)
If people can’t count on you to “show up” for business, meaning that your posting is erratic and inconsistent, they won’t feel comfortable building a relationship with you. Consistency in posting and consistency in the themes you post about on Facebook is what helps build trust among your community – that’s what invites true engagement. Speaking of that…

3. Don’t preach – make sure your posting invites 2-day communication
If you’re in preach-only or broadcast-only mode, just stop already, okay?  Don’t try to come off as an expert who knows everything. No one likes a know-it-all!  Instead, try some open ended questions (not just a yes/no kind of question – those can be answered with a single word and kind of stop the conversation sometimes). 
4. Encourage your fans to engage each other
The mark of a truly engaged community is that the conversations go multiple directions – not just to and from you and your fans, but among the members of your community too!  Encourage people who jump in – especially if they’re sharing valuable information or experiences with one another. 
5. Track your progress
The only way to know if your Facebook marketing is working and improving over time is to track and analyze your progress.  I know – it’s not anyone’s favorite activity (except maybe for a few super analytical types…!)  But it’s super important .  Take a look at your reach, likes, and shares over time.  What kinds of posts (or pictures) get shared the most?  What gets people talking the most? (Chances are, that’s two different kinds of content.) Do you notice different engagement patterns different times of the day?  Use this information to keep improving your marketing and engagement techniques.

How are you using Facebook marketing strategies to grow your business?  Leave a comment below.

20 Responses to The Top 5 Facebook Marketing Strategies Every Business Needs

  1. Doing my best to stick with these tips. Always room for improvement, though. Thanks for your tips and guidance, Theresa.
    Designer Rob Russo recently posted..The Truth about Adobe PhotoshopMy Profile

  2. Do you find that there are optimum times of day or days of the week you should post on Facebook or other social media?

  3. Cindy Rippe says:

    Great info, as usual, Theresa. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to grow in our businesses.
    Cindy Rippe recently posted..Artistic CakesMy Profile

  4. Thanks for sharing all the great info!!

  5. Going to try and work on #4 and 5. Thanks Theresa!

  6. Cyn says:

    These are all great ideas – I try to work on them all but still would like more engagement on my page and need to track my progress better.
    Cyn recently posted..Book Review: The Happiest Baby Guide to Great SleepMy Profile

  7. Corri Garza says:

    Thanks for all the fabulous info!

  8. Jack says:


    I am now just seeing this post, came by way of twitter, would you say that reposting of quality information is perhaps a number 6? If your content is good, you should be able to repost it several times, so long as the message is still good?


    • Thanks so much for your content, Jack. While the “reposting of quality information” can sometimes be a good idea (though I wouldn’t share it more than every 4 to 5 days…especially if you are only posting a couple of times a day), it did not fit in with the message I was trying to convey. Content or reposting of content would really be an entirely different post.

  9. nneka says:

    Hi Teresa, thanks for sharing these tips.

    I have a fb fan page but have to work on keeping it interactive. I tend to just post latest listings from my shop and occasionally welcome new likers but would implement you tips asap.

    nneka recently posted..Asymmetrical Necklace set in Dark and Light Grey Glass Pearls Hypoallergenic Earrings Jewellery by JewelleryByNnekaMy Profile

  10. I have over 2500 friends on FB, I must be doing something wrong, I post at least once a day, with either a sale or something that will engage people, like at the moment I am trying to send people to my website for a contest, for some reason, no one is going to vote. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

    • Janice…before I can advise anything, I would need to visit your Facebook Page. However, just based on what you have written here…just talking about your business all the time does not build relationships. The rule is 20% you…80% other content. Share great photos of your work….ask questions…humor gets great engagement. Make your page fun and remember that there are humans on the other side of the screen. Treat your online audience as you would your real life connections and be yourself. Also important to note…Facebook users do not like to leave Facebook. So, a smaller percentage will click on links there. Message me if you need more help.

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