Handmade Metal Stamped Keychain

Just in time for Valentine’s Day a simple, yet elegant handmade metal stamped keychain!  That’s right my
friends, I’m still quite addicted to my metal stamps.  ImpressArt letter sets, design stamps, metal blanks and other amazing tools have taken over my creative space.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you have seen several metal stamped projects here.  I use them in just about everything!

Today, I’d like to share with you a project I made special for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a handmade metal stamped keychain.  Why a keychain?  Well, I don’t know about you, but often times when I am searching for a gift for my special guy, I am left at a quandary.  I often find things with a sweet sentiment, but I just know that it won’t get used because it looks all “girly”.  If your guy just winces at anything pink and red and frilly, give him a handmade keychain!

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging!  The directions for this sweet, yet manly, gift idea are below.

Handmade Metal Stamped Keychain | @theresacifali


  • ImpressArt Letter Set, Ballroom Boogie, lowercase
  • ImpressArt Metal Stamping Hammer
  • ImpressArt Nylon Hammer
  • ImpressArt Steel Stamping Block
  • ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape
  • ImpressArt Metal Blanks: Swirly Heart 1 7/8”, brass; Swirly Heart 3/4”, nickel silver (2)
  • ImpressArt 2-Hole Punch
  • Jump Rings (3)
  • Susan Lenart Industrial Chic lobster claws, set of 3
  • Aleene’s Jewelry and Metal Glue
  • Chain nose pliers (2)
  • Old skeleton key (1)
  • Sharpie
  • Acrylic paint, black
  • Q-tips
  • Paper towel


1.  Punch a 1/16-inch hole in the top right area of the 3/4-inch Swirly Heart blank close to the edge.

2.  Then place the blank onto the steel block.  Put a piece of Stamp Straight Tape across the blank positioning it so that it is going across the widest part.

3.  Beginning on the left side of the heart, stamp the word “to” taking care to line up each letter so that it catches the tape.

4.  Remove the tape and reapply it so that it is lower than the word “to” and then stamp the word “my” so that it is to the right of the word “to”.  Set aside.

5.  Next, place the second 3/4-inch Swirly Heart onto the steel block and put a piece of tape across the heart just below the center.  Stamp the word “heart”.  Remove the blank from the steel block.

6.  Place a very small amount of Aleene’s Jewelry and Metal Glue to the top left edge of the “heart” stamped blank.  Attach the “to the” stamped blank so that the edges overlap slightly.  You will now have a double heart.  Let dry.

7.  Punch two 1/16-inch holes in the longest side of the 1 7/8-inch Swirly Heart, one at the bottom and one at the very top of the arch.

8.  Next, lay the heart blank horizontally on the steel block so that the longest side is facing you.  Secure the blank to the block with a piece of Stamp Straight Tape.

9.  Carefully stamp along the edge of the heart “you hold the” and then use the nylon hammer to flatten out the metal blank in the event you have any bowing.

Handmade Metal Stamped Keychain | @theresacifali

 10.  With a Q-tip, smoosh black acrylic paint into the large Swirly Heart and the double heart.  Wipe off the excess with a small piece of paper towel.

11. Secure the skeleton key to the steel block by placing a piece of tape across the shaft of the key just below the top.

12.  Use the scroll design stamp included in the Ballroom Boogie set to stamp a scroll into the head of the key.  Then turn the key over and repeat.

Handmade Metal Stamped Keychain | @theresacifali


13.  Finally, use jump rings to assemble the keychain.  First, attach the lobster claw to the large Swirly Heart.  Then attach the heart to the key, then attach the key to the double heart.

14.  Give to that special someone to let them know that they hold the key to your heart!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have been inspired to re-create it for the special someone in your life.  I’d love to see your variations, so pop on by and let me know what you’ve been up to!

Artfully yours……Theresa

20 Responses to Handmade Metal Stamped Keychain

  1. Jennifer says:

    You are so talented and creative ~ I love this! Wish I had more time for crafting. Every time you make one of these metal stamp things I think “I’d like to try that . . .” Thanks for sharing.
    Jennifer recently posted..5 Small Steps to Publishing Your First YouTube Video (Part 1)My Profile

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love this so cool!

  3. Carmen says:

    Gorgeous!! This would make a sweet gift for guy or girl!
    Carmen recently posted..I Made A Personalized Clock So I Can Think About You All The TimeMy Profile

  4. Love this! I kept walking by the ImpressArt booth at CHA and being so enthralled with what they were doing. This is a fantastic project — love those not overly feminized romantic gifts!
    Kristin Tweedale recently posted..Journal The Everyday: Pre-Orders Now AvailableMy Profile

  5. Holly says:

    Oh my! This has got to be one of my favorite projects you’ve created. Wow!

  6. L says:

    This is great Theresa! Once upon a time I had metal embossing stamps… wish I would have kept them now..

  7. Cyn says:

    I just love ImpressArt and I love the way you’ve used it here.
    Cyn recently posted..New Year, Even Better YearMy Profile

  8. I would love to see you doing M&T’s at Social Boom. That would be awesome. Love the stamping along the edge of the heart. Beautiful as always.

  9. Mandy C says:

    that is such a fun creation, packed full of interesting details, thanks for sharing all the details too

  10. Lori says:

    I love this! I’m doing something similar but with pennies that say “Lucky Us” but I don’t know where to get the material to stamp it or where to take it to get stamped… Any ideas?

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