How to Metal Stamp a Leather Cuff

As a professional craft designer, I am always experimenting with new products, techniques and concepts.  One of the best things I learned to do a couple of years ago was learn how to metal stamp.  If you’ve been to my blog,  you’ve heard me say it before….I am addicted!!!  Sigh…I really am.  I never have a problem figuring out how I want to incorporate some type of hand stamped element into a project.

One thing that I’m not very good at is jewelry making.  However, with my trusty metal stamps at my side, I am able to make some simple pieces that have a little more sophistication to them…all because of the stamps.  Check out how to metal stamp this leather cuff…which makes a wonderful accessory!  Enjoy….
How to Metal Stamp a Leather Cuff | @theresacifali


  • ImpressArt Metal Alphabet Stamps, Bridgette, uppercase and lowercase
  • ImpressArt Metal Stamping Hammer
  • ImpressArt Steel Stamping Block
  • ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape
  • Metal tags with 2 holes, copper
  • Leather cuff
  • 2 brads, copper
  • Aleene’s Metal and Jewelry glue
  • Acrylic paint, black
  • Q-tips
  • Paper towel
  • Cutting mat
  • Japanese Screw Punch
  • Fine tip Sharpie
  • Round wooden dowl (even a rolling pin will work)


1. Place the metal tag on the ImpressArt Steel Stamping Block and place a piece of Stamp Straight Tape so that the bottom of the tape lines up with the bottom of the metal blank.

2. Line the stamps up with the top edge of the tape.  Start by centering the letter A, the add the other letters being careful to space them out as evenly as possible.

3. Move the tape so that it lines up with the center of the two holes.  Stamp the word “and” in lowercase.  Stamp the N, using the word above it to find the center.  In other words, the N goes under the A.

How to Metal Stamp a Leather Cuff | @theresacifali

4. Move the tape again, so that there will be a little bit of space under the word “LOVE”.

5. Line the stamps up with the edge of the tape when stamping to keep the word as straight as possible.

6. Stamp the peace symbols that come with Bridgette on either side of the word Peace.

7. With a Q-tip, smoosh some black acrylic paint into the grooves of the letters.  Wipe away the excess with a piece of paper towel.

How to Metal Stamp a Leather Cuff | @theresacifali

8. Next, take the stamped metal blank and line it up on the cuff where you want to secure it.

9. Mark the two holes with a fine tip Sharpie.

10. Place the cuff on a cutting matt and punch holes through the leather using a Japanese Screw Punch.

How to Metal Stamp a Leather Cuff | @theresacifali

11. Put a small amount of Aleene’s Metal and Jewelry glue on the back of the metal blank and secure it to the leather cuff so that the holes line up.

12. Insert the brads and splay the backs open.

How to Metal Stamp a Leather Cuff | @theresacifali

13. Flip the leather cuff over and let the glue set for about an hour.

14. Once the glue has dried, use a rounded tool to carefully bend and mold the metal so that it curves slightly.

How to Metal Stamp a Metal Cuff | @theresacifali

 15. Now it’s ready to wear.

Hope you enjoyed this project.  What would you make if you had metal stamps of your own?  How would you use them?  Let’s share ideas in the comments.

Artfully yours………..Theresa

17 Responses to How to Metal Stamp a Leather Cuff

  1. Cindy Rippe says:

    Cool design. I think I might have some of these tools….you’re making me want to check it out! Thanks for sharing.
    Cindy Rippe recently posted..Fabric Painting – The Artist Palette Design Fail (AKA “stepping into the puddles of creativity)My Profile

  2. I’m pretty impressed by metal stamping and yours is no exception – super rad!
    DeeDee Catron recently posted..Acid Free Baby!!My Profile

  3. I always love your metal stamping projects. One day I’ll get my hands on a set of these and make some cool scrapbooking tags :)
    Kristin Tweedale recently posted..Social Media Butterflies Blog Hop: LoveMy Profile

  4. Holly says:

    Can I just say that I totally love this project!! Wow you have taken metal stamp art to a whole new level. You have totally inspired me to try more things with my metal stamps.
    Holly recently posted..A Jewel Loom Jewelicious Crystal BraceletMy Profile

  5. Corri Garza says:

    I love this tutorial….the cuff is awesome! My daughter would love this! I need to try working with other material besides paper.

  6. Cyn says:

    I absolutely love this! I have a few metal stamps but I really need to get some more and have fun with them too!
    Cyn recently posted..How the Internet has Improved the Auto Insurance IndustryMy Profile

  7. The ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape you use as i understand it marketed for use on metal. WHen you use it on the leather, does it leave no residue or mark when you pull it off.
    Helma Hallmark

  8. I just looked over your article again. I thought you had stamped onto leather, but see that it was a metal tag. I’m looking for a way to line up letters when stamping on leather. Haven’t found a tape yet that doesn’t leave some kind of damage when you pull it off.

    • Hi Helma….I personally have not tried the tape on leather. The Stamp Straight Tape is designed not to leave a residue. I’d suggest trying some on a scrap piece of leather. OR….when I get back into my studio, I will test it out and let you know. It’s great tape, I can tell you that.

  9. Darla says:

    What a great tutorial! I’ve never done metal stamping, I might try this one:) Thanks for sharing!

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