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Replacing Google Reader | @theresacifaliIf you have been using it to curate your favorite blog feeds, it’s time to start thinking about replacing Google Reader.  On July 1, 2013, the popular service will be shutting down for good.  As you can imagine, new readers have been popping up all over the place and ones that have been around a while have been re-energized.  I’ve done some research, as I use Google Reader to help me organize content to share on my social media networks.  Of the sites that I have investigated, I’ve found a few that meet my needs.  Though I am still in the “testing” phase, I’d like to share with you my two favorites so far.  I think you’re going to like them.


What I like about this service is that it has two purposes.  First, I can add blog feeds that I like to read.  Second, I can add my own website, verify it and add a button to my sidebar making it easy for others to follow my feed.  When I signed up for the service, it moved all of my Google Reader content over for me.  Very helpful, as I have collected a lot of content there over the years.

Another useful feature is that I can organize my content into groups.  This makes it easy to find the exact content I am looking for as I follow craft, business and social media blogs.  Additionally, there is a Top Blogs tab that provides suggestions of other blogs I may want to follow.  From what I can tell so far…it is suggesting feeds that are relevant for me.  I like that.

What is missing for me, as best as I can tell so far, is that all I can do with these posts from inside my bloglovin’ feed is Like them.  There’s a little heart icon for that.  It also doesn’t appear that I can read an entire article from the home page either.  I have to click it, which opens another tab.  I can’t see any other articles in the reader, so it requires me to go back to the other tab where then I can read and/or share the content.  I personally find that annoying.

It also does not appear to have a Most Recent or Today tab, which will pull all the newest content together.  I have to click on each blog name and see if there is fresh content there, but as there are no article dates, I can’t tell if something was writing today, last week or last month.

I’m sure I am missing some features here, but this is just a quick overview.  I think my favorite feature is, again,  that it provides my readers a way to follow my blog easily…though that is not a game changer as someone can put my RSS feed URL into any reader.


Feedly seems to be set up similarly to Google Reader, so there is definitely going to be less discovery time.  So far, this is my favorite.  I can organize my content into categories.  Love that.  At the top, there is a Today tab, so that I can see fresh, new content for all my feeds in one place.  The Saved for Later tab let’s me bookmark right inside of feedly.  Then there is an Add Content tab that opens a little pop up that’s kind of cool.  That window has a search bar where I can do a feeds search by URL, title or #topic.  Under the search bar are a collage of images with topic titles on each.  When I click on a box, it makes suggestions for that topic.  Set a timer for that…as you can probably get lost down the rabbit hole quickly!  lol

Feedly makes it very easy for me to read and  share content.  If I go to, for example, to the All tab, it will list the blog titles for all of the feeds I follow.  If I hover over an article, icons appear.  I can open the content in a new tab or share to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or add to BufferApp. (and I LOVE BufferApp).  I don’t have to open a new tab though.  If I just click on the post title, it will uncollapse showing me the entire article so that I can read it before I share (which is advisable, btw).  Just want to note, when I open the article two more sharing options appear.  I can share to Google+ or email in addition to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and BufferApp.  The BEST part about reading an article this way?  When I am done reading and sharing,  I can click the X to close it or I can leave it open and just scroll down to the other post titles.  I never leave that one page.  Very efficient.

So, these are my suggestions.  If you use Google Reader and have not replaced it yet…don’t wait too long.  Remember…you have to move everything before July 1st.  Good luck!

Are you using a feed reader?  What are you using?  Do you have any suggestions for my audience?  I’d love it if you would share it in comments below.  Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Theresa. July is just around the corner. Have a super day!
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted..Direct Marketing Coach Strategies To Brand And Boost Your BusinessMy Profile

  2. I am unfamiliar with Google Reader…I need to do some reading. Thanks for the information, Theresa.

  3. I had checked out Bloglovin” but not feedly. My sister recommended feedly to me months ago but it slipped through the cracks of my mind. Thanks for the reminder I’ll have to go give it a looksie.

    • Great, Tatiana. Since writing this, I have played with both platforms some more…I really do like both with a slight favoritism towards feedly. Definitely worth looking into.

  4. Ann Butler says:

    Great info Theresa!

  5. We use Bloglovin as our reader for quite a while now, super easy! I’m gonna check out Feedly to see if there are any other benefits besides reading blogs, because I think Bloglovin is the probably the best for keeping up with other blogs. It’s the top way to follow our blog promoted on our site. Thanks for following us on Pinterest today. Looking forward to reading more on your blog. x Tamara
    Red Coat Studio recently posted..Newborn PortraitsMy Profile

    • You’re welcome, Tamara. You should definitely check out Feedly. Since writing this post I have really dived in. I love that it is easy to find relevant blogs to follow, how I can organize the content…and how easy (easier than Bloglovin’ I think) to share that content to my social networks.

  6. I first tried Bloglovin after hearing about it from other blogger friends but it just didn’t flow for me. I had a hard time navigating it and being able easily read through my whole feed. Luckily I stumbled across Feedly when I went looking for a different feed reader! I love it. The phone app for it is pretty good too!
    Kaitlin Phillips Goodey recently posted..Friday Feature- Finding Artists OnlineMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Kaitlin. Since writing this post, I have really dived in deeper to each platform and find that I feel as you do. Feedly is fantastic. I like it better than Google Reader, too. I have not tried the mobile app, but will do so on your recommendation. Thanks so much.

  7. Laura Bray says:

    Another great article Theresa. I’m using Bloglovin.
    Laura Bray recently posted..Summer Survival Tips for Work from Home MomsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Laura. I saw that you were using Bloglovin’. I’m using it also, but mostly for subscribing. I have found that I prefer Feedly for curating content that I like to read and share. :)

  8. Karen says:

    I have been using Feedly since Google Reader made their announcement. I still use Google Reader to import new blogs. I will be anxious to see what happens on July 1 when Google Reader ceases. So far I like Feedly better than I ever liked Google Reader because I also have the ability to see my twitter and facebook on the same page.
    Karen recently posted..Stamp and Bond and GlitterMy Profile

  9. MandyC says:

    Great post, technology is getting frustrating when you think you have all your tools in place and they pull the plug but then technology can be exciting with lots of new and different options to navigate. Helps to have friends test drive for opinions.

  10. Hey Theresa great article, just to add to the mix both Digg and Aol are in the process of setting up RSS readers too. X Fab

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