The Three Kinds of Tweets Your Business Should Be Making (and 1 you should NEVER make!)

The Three Kinds of Tweets Your Business Should Be Making (and 1 you should NEVER make!) | @theresacifali

Are you still trying to figure out how to use Twitter to grow your business?  Social media marketing is one of the hottest – and most different – kinds of marketing in the history of marketing itself!  And it took all of the old rules about marketing and tossed them out the window.

Because social media marketing is so different, though, there’s still some confusion regarding how to use it (in general), and how best to use each specific platform to deliver your brand’s message.

Actually – I’m kinda leading you on there, just to see if you’re paying attention.

If you think for an instant that social media marketing is about delivering your brand’s message, you are missing the boat, my friend!

Social media creates and facilitates a very different form of communication with customers – communication that is engaged.  And this engagement isn’t just back and forth between the customer and the company, but it’s communication among the various members of the engaged brand community.

Here are 3 kind of tweets that your business should be making: 

1. Here’s information (an article ) that I thought you would love!
 This builds value for your audience by providing information that is relevant to you and your industry without being a shameless plug promoting you and your brand. This is just you seeking to serve your audience.  If you run a custom cake business, share an article having to do with latest trends in wedding cake design, for instance. Or if you run a travel agency, keep your audience updated with TSA’s latest policies. 
2. Have you met the people behind our brand?
Your customers love meeting the people who make your brand what it is. Don’t forget that you can tweet links to pictures of your employees, your office, or the crazy culture of your brand. It helps reinforce the idea to your customers that you’re a real person, someone they can picture themselves doing business with.
3. Here’s a cause that’s important to us – would you consider supporting it too?
Everyone loves to feel a part of something bigger than themselves.  Make sure that your customers know that your business stands for something bigger than just making money.  Even as a one person operation, you can find a particular cause to support consistently.  Let your customers know about the ways you support this cause – especially if you spend time engaged in volunteer work for your charity.  Make sure you have the okay to take pictures and post them first, of course.
And then there’s the kinds of tweets your business shouldn’t make.  There are a tone of these, but to get you started, we’ll just talk about one in particular.

What Not to Tweet

Don’t tweet just about yourself. If you’re promoting yourself any more than about 20% of the time, it’s too much and appears just plain rude and spammy.  So don’t do it.  Make sure that your core message and mission is to provide value to others in everything you say online.

What are your favorite kinds of tweets in your own business or to see from others’ businesses?  Leave a comment below!

14 Responses to The Three Kinds of Tweets Your Business Should Be Making (and 1 you should NEVER make!)

  1. Chrissy M. says:

    Great post! I’ve just finally gotten into enjoying Twitter (after years of misery). I find that I usually click on Tweets that are kind of teasers that sound interesting, exciting & I gotta click. Like “WHAT?!?! A Cat playing a PIANO?!?! …url…”

    Who wouldn’t click on that?

  2. Great tips,Theresa! Thank you! I tweet about the benefits of my product, inspirational articles, recipes, fitness etc. I like tweets from others who share their business as well but not all the time…I appreciate tips and something about the person as well. :)
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted..When To Begin Anti-Cellulite TreatmentsMy Profile

  3. This is great info, especially for newbies like myself. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  4. I love #2 … A closer look at the people behind the brand. I’m going to have to do some of these. Thanks for sharing, Theresa.
    Designer Rob Russo recently posted..Go Viral: I'll Share Your #buzznugget if You Share Mine.My Profile

  5. I still need to find that balance. Thanks for the information.
    cheryl Boglioli recently posted..Leather & Lace with Cousin Slider BraceletMy Profile

  6. Love these tweet ideas … I’m going to embrace #3 and share those issues I support. Thanks for the new ideas, Theresa.
    Designer Rob Russo recently posted..Go Viral: I'll Share Your #buzznugget if You Share Mine.My Profile

  7. Cathy Nolan says:

    You know I just love Twitter and tweeting YOU! Thanks for the suggestions! Cathy

  8. Thanks Theresa, I must say I find it hard to get motivated to Tweet or write an FB Post or Blog Post, mainly because I can hear MYSELF annoying people by advertising AGAIN!!

    Sometimes I feel I get it right, but quite a lot of the time I just feel down right embarrassed at advertising myself – so that must mean I am getting it wrong :(

    Will practice your suggestions:)

    • First of all, KUDOS to you for trying and not giving up, Michelle. That is commendable. Self promotion can be really challenging. For a long time I too struggled with finding my voice. A small piece of advice, if I may, that really helped me…approach your online “friends” just as you would someone who was standing right in front of you. Talk with your online audience just as you do your IRL friends. Most importantly…just be yourself. Whatever gets you excited about what you are doing….let that shine through.

  9. Anne Stewart says:

    Thanks for the advice. As a Twitter ‘newbie’ it’s been a challenge to find the right balance to advertise without pushing the product onto followers.

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