I’m Theresa Cifali, Productivity Strategist & Coach at Daily Achievers™ LLC.

I'm a recovering workaholic-turned-productivity specialist, here to help professionals and business owners eliminate the chaos in their lives.

Time is a luxury. We often want more hours in the day to get through our HAVE-to-do-list so that we can finally get to the things on our WANT-to-do-list.

But what if you could flip it so you actually work less and play more?Surprise, it IS possible!

Of course, I learned this the hard way.

For decades, I had mistakenly classified “being busy” as a key performance indicator of owning a business. After working 100+ hours a week, missing out on fleeting moments in my family’s life, and not even showing up for myself, I broke down and was ready to discover a new and better way of doing it all.

New and better ways of doing it all:


“Done is better than perfect” — you can edit and tweak and revise until the cows come home but that means a delay in moving the project forward AND risking your mental wellness in the process. The fear of failure is real. But so is the damage sleepless nights can have on your health. Learning to let go is something I take very seriously and I PROMISE it won’t hurt a bit.


“Mess equals stress” — a messy desk, office, filing system or schedule are a guaranteed express-pass to stressville. NOBODY wants to spend their day looking for an important document or what meeting they are supposed to be in or where their keys are. While organizing tactics are a great help, there is also some clutter in your mind that we need to address so that these new tools stick. Imagine the hours you’ll get back each month when you eliminate hunting for objects and information and, instead, find things exactly where they belong.


"Believe you can and you're halfway there" — often we procrastinate or get stuck in analysis paralysis because we are afraid to begin something or to make a mistake. Many feel they need to have all of the details before they can get started but nothing is further from the truth. Even tiny turtle steps with half of the information shows great promise that your goals can and will come to fruition. There is no time like the present, you just gotta believe!

Once I reinvented my mindset and took the proper steps to manage my time and productivity, my business really soared. Even better, I was able to throw out my metaphorical “I’d rather be crafting” bumper sticker because now I had the time and energy to do more of the things I enjoyed.

I learned these valuable lessons the hard way but I’m giving you the shortcuts so that you can quickly establish yourself as the leader of your business and not some frantic employee. I will help you make confident decisions that turn your daily goals into achievements. And as a reward, you’ll gain time, freedom and revenue.

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