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The ONE Thing You Need For a Successful Business

Doing all the things.  Chasing every opportunity.  Hustling so hard it hurts.  These things don’t help you have work-life balance, make real progress, or generate more revenue.  Mastering this one crucial quality will unlock the strategies, tactics, and actions that matter most to your business success.

A Simple and Powerful Process to Get Rid of Overwhelm and Refocus on What Matters

Being busy is not the ROI of being a successful business owner.  You need to focus on the tasks that actually help you make progress towards your goals every day.  Instead of trying to do everything, you’ll learn an easy-to-do process that will show you where you should focus your time. That means more flexibility and freedom for you.

Ditch the Feeling of Needing a Clone to Get it All Done (FINALLY)

What is the time you're wasting every day really costing you? The real issue isn’t a lack of time, but rather how you’re managing the time you have.  Change your relationship with time so you can be productive, make progress and enjoy more time freedom than ever before.

The Mindset Shift to Take You From Overwhelmed to In Control

You can learn all the strategies and tactics but if you’re not showing up in the right frame of mind, then you’re likely to get stuck and stay stuck. Theresa is going to teach you the mindset shifts that will take you from a frustrated freedom seeker to a thriving, joyful solopreneur.

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Theresa is a wealth of applicable knowledge. She provides easy to understand tools to help enhance productivity. She helped me get clarity on aspects of my business that I am ‘too close’ to. I feel invigorated and excited to begin taking targeted action where it matters most. I am so grateful for the impact Theresa has made on my life and my business!
Emily Oliver

Sometimes it’s
tough to make progress in your business
—even when you think you know what you should be doing!

That’s where Theresa shines.
Meghan Monaghan

I have attended Theresa's workshops and programs. I am a huge fan! She has an incredible ability to help you see your big vision and break it into smaller bites.

Every entrepreneur needs to not just walk, but RUN to sign up for her time. You won't' be sorry!
Tina Campbell

You've got questions... we've got answers...

How much does an event ticket cost?

Nothing a thing!  This is a FREE event that we host only twice a year to show you what’s possible when it comes to achieving more in your business.  And if you like what you learn, we hope you’ll stick around.  We love making new friends.

Who is this event for?

This event is for coaches, consultants, content creators, course creators, membership site owners, bloggers, podcasters, creatives—all who are trying to make a difference in the world.

Are you just trying to sell me something? 

After the event there will be an opportunity to continue the journey with us in our program Plan To Achieve. (What!!?? Transparency? 😂) But we’ll talk about that after the event, for now we’re “all in” on the free event.

Here's how you can make real progress on your business goals this year...

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