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The Mindset of Small Steps: How Simplicity Fuels Progress

As a coach and digital course creator, time is my most treasured asset. Yet, earlier in my journey, I wasted much of it. Instead of focusing on the small steps that would help me make steady progress toward my goals, I worried about how I would achieve the big end results. This leads to procrastination through busy work or another form of avoidance. Or I’d overthink the project or overcomplicate the process which led to daily failure and self-doubt. Then there were projects I didn’t even start — especially if I didn’t know how to achieve them. This post may

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How to Use the Power of Intentional Planning to Make the Most of Your Day

Poor time management is the invisible anchor that can easily weigh you down. If you’ve ever felt that your days are slipping through your fingers, you’re far from alone. It’s a common issue. This is where intentional planning enters the scene and saves the day. It’s your ticket to turning chaotic days into structured success, especially crucial for you, the go-getters in the coaching and digital course creation worlds. So today, you and I are going to dig deep into the common challenges that make unplanned days a productivity nightmare, so you know what to avoid. This post may contain

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