To the entrepreneur who feels pulled in a million different directions

Finally ... Time to
Make Significant Progress
On Your Business Goals

Without Giving Up Your
Nights and Weekends

Because you don’t need to work more hours
to be truly productive…
you just need a little time and some accountability.

Owning a business is tough. There’s so much to do and know.  More than there are hours in the day. 

And everything is competing for your time and attention!

You have good ideas! 

Ideas that could get your business to that next level, but you don’t have the time to implement them.

So they get put to the back of the line because you spend your day putting out fires
and dealing with things that aren’t important to your business growth.

To top it all off,
you’re working more hours than ever, feeling lonely because
you’re by yourself all day and your family and friends don’t really
understand the challenges entrepreneurs face.

That’s tough!

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, then you probably…

Secretly you wonder to yourself how long you can keep up this pace, right?

Well, my friend…don’t feel ashamed!  This is not your fault.  

How to run a business isn’t something you’re taught in school.

Any “business experience” you have was likely as an employee.

So stop beating yourself up.  And know you’re not alone.

Most people think that to be successful, you have to get “all the things” done and hustle until it hurts. 

Working harder isn’t the answer.  You already work hard.

The real problem is that you’re working IN your business like an employee
instead of ON your business like the boss.

  You want to blog as part of your marketing strategy, but another week has gone by and you’ve not written a word.

You want to grow your email list, but didn’t start creating that lead magnet you’ve been talking about for months.

You dream about creating your own course, but you’ve not even had time to brainstorm your ideas.

YOUR ideas don’t get acted upon.  They keep getting moved to the next day, then the next, and the next.

If you don’t solve this, then unfortunately, 
you run the risk of looking back a year from now and finding yourself in the same exact place.  

And if you’ve not made progress a year from now, that means having to give up your dream and get a JOB.

If you don’t solve this, then unfortunately,
you run the risk of looking back a year from now
and find yourself in the same exact place.


If you don’t start carving out time every week to prioritize working ON your business goals, you won’t ever grow.

NO business growth = NO business!


Just show me one successful entrepreneur who focuses 100% of their time on low-level activities while ignoring the deeper work that helps their business grow and develop.

You can’t!

That’s because they know what you may not have realized until right now:

It’s not enough to identify the tasks, strategies, and tactics that will help you achieve your goals. 

You have to take ACTION on those ideas.  And not just any action…CONSISTENT ACTION!

You likely already know that you need to set aside the time to work on your business.  You may have already tried and failed to make working at this level a priority.

The good news is that this is a simple fix.  


You need someone (or many someones) to share your goals with,
who expect you to show up, expect you do the work,
and will look for you if you’re not showing up.


Imagine what that could mean for your business.

Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe isn’t like anything you’ve seen before…

and it’s NOT a course that's going to take up more of our precious time….

It’s an accountability program
designed to transform the way you work your business,
so you get
out of the weeds and, instead, work on your business
like the boss you really are.

No more being pulled in a million different directions,
giving up nights and weekends while missing out on important life events.

Instead feel confident, in control, and proud of your progress.


"I’ve tried in the past to block time on my calendar to get work done, but I just couldn’t do it on my own. I’d procrastinate, do what was easy, or let distractions pull me away from what was truly important to achieving my business goals. This program helped me block the time to co-work, be intentional about the tasks I wanted to get over the finish line, and actually focus on doing the work.

Being on co-working calls held me accountable to get things done. Instead of feeling frustrated and mad at myself for wasting so much time, I feel accomplished and more joyful."
Stacy H.
Health Coach-Fit Made Fun!
"I love co-working because it makes me block out time to work on what's important to me personally and professionally. The magical piece is the accountability. It helps me show up and then work on whatever I need to focus on."
Nadine V.
Orderly Stuff
"When I’m by myself, it’s hard for me to self-motivate and I end up getting distracted.
As a result, I feel behind the eight ball.

The Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe co-working sessions held me accountable to show up, be focused, and do the work. And I actually got work done. It was so satisfying to cross things off my list and get them off my mind.

For example, I’d been unsuccessful at creating a plan and process for my social media marketing. However, through co-working, I was able to get that project over the finish line and I did it faster than I thought I would.

I’m excited to finish this year and start next year strong!"
Cindy C.
Texas Oil Lady

See what's waiting for you inside when you become a member...

Video lessons? Worksheets? Homework?

NOPE…not in here!

That’s right. There is no formal training inside of the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe.

Instead, you’ll use the power of co-working, community, and communication
to advance your goals and make real progress…

Here are the outcomes an accountability program like this can bring you…


Work ON your business like a boss,
instead of IN it like a frantic employee

Client calls, deliverables, meetings, paperwork, admin, marketing, content creation….
there’s lots to do when you’re working IN your business. 

The Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe will help you
get intentional on setting time aside to work ON your business…

be it working to get a project over the finish line, laying the groundwork
for a strategy you’ve been wanting to try, creating operations, planning, and more.


Get work that MATTERS over the finish line so you achieve the things YOU want to achieve

To make progress on your goals, you don’t “find” time.  

You MAKE time!  

If you’ve said to yourself, I’ll get to that next week…
but next week never comes, then
this program is a good fit for you.

Two two-hour co-working sessions per week is provided to you.
Co-working sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 12pm ET.

That gives 16-18 hours every single month to work towards your goals.

If you’ve not been dedicating time to doing that, the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe will 
help you prioritize what’s important for your business growth and success.  

These aren’t chat sessions.  Show up. DO THE WORK.  Make progress.  Simple.



Make REAL progress on your goals so you don’t look back in 6-months only to find you’re in the same place

Research shows that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. 

If you also create a plan and tell someone the likelihood goes up to 76%.  

However, your chance of success increases by 500% if you have accountability partners! 

Planning and accountability can be real game-changers.

Co-working will help with accountability for sure. 

But the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe provides you with the opportunity to tell
the community what you’re working on which increases your likelihood of success.

Plus, it will help you become a better planner.


Create better work habits,
so you never ask, “What should I do today?”

And speaking of planning…

If you sit down to work and don’t know what to do or where to start,
the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe will help you create that good habit.

Your job is to show up prepared to work. 
That means you’ll have to decide what you’re working on in advance of co-working sessions.

As you practice planning, you’ll get better at it.  

These new habits will spill out and begin to positively affect other parts of your day.


Improve your ability to focus
so that you get work done faster

One of the many benefits of co-working is an improvement to your ability of focus.

As you come and do the work each week,
you’ll discover that your new found ability to focus on what’s in front of you
will allow you to get work done faster than you ever before.

This means that over time, you’ll find that you can get more done in a shorter period of time.


Kick procrastination to the curb
by leveraging people

You find yourself procrastinating around certain activities in your business.

No judgement! You’re definitely not alone.

Stop stressing out because “that thing” you keep putting off continues to weigh on your mind…
use the power of the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe to finally cross it off your list.

Imagine the relief you’ll feel with that project done, no longer causing you anxiety.


Work for yourself  but not by yourself

Loneliness in entrepreneurship is a real struggle.  

Whether you’re physically lonely from being by yourself all day or emotionally lonely
because no one around you understands the dynamics of owning your own business, 
loneliness can have an adverse affect on your energy and mindset.

In the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe, you’ll be around people. 

But not just any people….those who actually “get it”.  

And not just the challenges, but why those seemingly small wins are so momentous!


My private coaching clients pay me anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 to work with me in a close, intimate setting.
My group programs cost hundreds of dollars and I only run those a couple of times a year.

What I’ve noticed in my seven years of coaching is
what really helps my private clients make significant progress in their business
is the accountability that I offer as part of my coaching packages.

This is true of my group programs as well.  

It’s leveraging the power of people. 

Stating your intentions out loud and then writing them down for all to see
has a powerful way of getting you to take action.  

Keeping your ideas hidden away in your head where no one can see them
means you likely won’t ever achieve that thing you dream about.

The Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe is a small investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future.

One that will pay you back for the rest of your life.  

By letting you finally set time aside every week to build your business. 
You know…the one that lets you live the life you want while making an impact in the World.

There is nothing out there like this.

Stop wasting time you don’t have looking for other solutions you won’t implement.
And stop wasting money on business development courses you won’t finish.

If you’ve been telling yourself, “Next week I’ll try to work on my business.”
And then that never happens.  This is for you

Enroll in Daily Achievers' Virtual Cafe Today!

Monthly Payments of ONLY $147

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

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For questions or help with your purchase, call Daily Achievers' HQ @ (914) 348-1433

I understand that if you’re like most people that come to me you’ve been burned in the past. I can only give you my word and tell you that’s not going to happen here.

Even that’s not enough, so that’s exactly why I’m giving you a chance to try the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe with no risk to you.


It takes time to create new routines and better habits. 

This is why I’m giving a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I’m serious!

Try the DAVC for up to 90-Days and if you show up consistently and find that it’s just not for you, I’ll give you your money back.

No drama!

Because I love to give gifts, I've got some EXTRA “Goodies” for you…

The commitment to participating in consistent, weekly co-working
will completely transform the way you approach how you work your business. 

But that’s just the beginning.

When you join the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe, you also get these 2 VALUABLE bonuses
that will amplify your accountability and make you even more successful.


Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe Community Hosted on Mighty Networks

Studies have shown that you are 42% more likely to achieve goals when you write them down. 

Your success rate goes up to 76% when you tell someone else about it BUT

when you have an accountability partner, studies have shown that success rate goes up to 500%.

 That’s what the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe Community is for.  

Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to write down your goals for the week.  We’ll all be able to encourage one another.

There will also be a mid-week checkin as well as a chance to celebrate your wins at the end of the week.

We get that you’re super busy, so the community is hosted on Mighty Networks. 

Why Mighty Networks and not Facebook?
Well, your time is valuable and Facebook is filled with distractions.
We’re removing that obstacle by never sending you to Facebook in the first place.

Plus, as the community grows, you’ll have the chance to network.
You could meet future referral partners, find collaboration opportunities, and even make new friends.

This community alone is worth $97 per month, but it’s FREE for you as a member of the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe.


Daily Achievers’ Monthly Mastermind

Every business owner has questions.  The problem when you are a team of one is that it’s just you. 

While you can certainly hit up good ole trusty Google…

Well, we’re solving that problem right now with the Daily Achievers’ Monthly Mastermind.

Once a month, we will gather as a group and collectively act as a Think Tank.

This is your opportunity to validate ideas, brainstorm, solve problems, share a brag, and more. 

My group masterminds are $250 per month, but I’m gifting this to you FREE with your membership.


When you join the Daily Achiever’s Virtual Cafe you get instant access to a monthly accountability program
designed to help you make progress on the business you’ve always dreamed of building.

This is not a course.

It’s utilizing the power of co-working, community, and communication
to get the tasks and projects you’ve been pushing aside done.  

The Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe provides you with 4 co-working hours every week…

that’s 16-18 hours each month…

come and work together with other business owners just like you.

(Value:  $147 per month)

This means…

Plus, you’ll receive these two bonuses…

BONUS 1: Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe Community
Our Mighty Networks Community which offers you another opportunity for accountability and support
(Value: $97 per month)

BONUS 2: Daily Achievers’ Monthly Mastermind
An opportunity to brainstorm, validate ideas, and navigate challenges
with a group of likeminded peers
(Value:  $250 per month)

Together, that's a total value of $494 per month!

Enroll in Daily Achievers' Virtual Cafe Today!

Monthly Payments of ONLY $147

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

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For questions or help with your purchase, call Daily Achievers' HQ @ (914) 348-1433


The first choice is to do nothing.  And as you already know,

if you choose nothing… then nothing changes.

BUT, if you already know that you are ready to get serious by making time to work ON your business like a boss?  

If you are serious about building the business that gives you the lifestyle you want and making an impact in the World?

If you are ready to leverage the power of people and amplify your accountability?


Join us inside The Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe

so you can start making progress on the things that will move you forward in your business.

But CHOOSE Quickly!

You can do it!

With the right mindset, the right community, and a team of accountability partners,
you can make better, faster progress on what matters to your success in business.

I’ll be right there with you, too.  We’ll do it together!

So don’t waste another year dreaming about what could be.


In Case There's Anything I Missed,
Here are Some

Two things, actually.  Mindset and commitment.

The members are busy business owners just like you.  Busy solo entrepreneurs trying to fit everything in.  They’ve decided that it’s time to put working ON their business front and center.  And the BELIEVE that doing so is what’s going to help them be successful.

It sure could be.  If you have been procrastinating on doing research or putting certain processes in place, the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe can offer you the accountability to finally make the time to do that prep work.

Of course you can.  But the real question is, “why not now?”  Do you really want to come back to this page several months down the road only to realize that you’ve only stood in place? 

I don’t think you do.  Make a commitment to yourself and your business now.  It’s worth the investment.

Right now, co-working sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 12pm ET.

I wish that I could make co-working available around the clock, but I’m just one person right now.  I get that these times may not work for your time zone.

Co-working is what makes this accountability program work, so if these times don’t work for you, I would not advise you to join.

No tech skills necessary to be a member of the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe. We use Zoom to co-work and we use Might Networks for our community.  Super simple to participate.

Here’s the thing…if you have NOT been dedicating any time to your own business development and growth, then 4-hours is a perfect starting point.

However, you’ll likely need to put more time aside.  But starting small beats not starting at all.

As you practice doing the work during co-working, you’ll also be creating new, better work habits.  You can use these new habits to set even more work-time aside during the week to dedicate to your business. 

You can work on anything you’d like, but ideally the tasks would be related in some way to your own business development and growth. 

The 2-hour co-working sessions are perfect for getting a project over the finish line, researching, planning, writing blog posts, social media management, power hours and much more. 

Immediately on joining, you’ll be taken to the Thank You page, which has link to your onboarding steps.  You will also receive a Welcome email with the same information.  It’s super simple!

The Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe has a 90-Day money back guarantee.  That means you can try the DAVC for up to 90-Days with no risk to you.  

Of course you can!  However, you’ll want to make sure you have clear guidelines and some kind of structure.  Because in my experience, over time co-working with friends and colleagues often turn into chat sessions. 

This means you’re not getting work done, but rather wasting time you don’t really have.

What if this ends up not being a fit for me?

The Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe is NOT a course.  There is no training to watch or homework to do.  The 4-hours of co-working per week is meant to spent working on your business. 

If you only do that, it’s enough.  But know that dedicating 4-hours a week working methodically on your business will be enough to start minimizing that overwhelm you’re experiencing.

Anything else we offer to you is a bonus.  Those bonuses are the Daily Achievers’ Virtual Cafe Community and a monthly 1-hour Mastermind.  We offer these as other layers of accountability, but do what you can.

The DAVC is meant to benefit you, not cause more stress or waste your time.

Not if it’s going to stress you out!  The purpose of the DAVC Community is to add another layer of accountability.  The three main posts are:

Monday:  Weekly Commitment
Wednesday:  Mid-Week Check In
Friday: Celebrate

If all you do is check in for a couple of minutes to tell the community your weekly goal, how it’s going and how you did…that’s enough.

But again, if a community is not your thing, then don’t use it. It’s ok!

Absolutely!  There are lots of ways to get support. 

First, any technical issues or billing questions should go to

Also, The Daily Achieves’ Virtual Cafe Community is a great place to come for support, encouragement, to ask for help working out a challenge, and celebrate your successes.

Finally, the bonus monthly Mastermind calls are perfect for getting help with deeper problems.  Masterminds leverage the power of community and can be so powerful.

Enroll in Daily Achievers' Virtual Cafe Today!

Monthly Payments of ONLY $147

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

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For questions or help with your purchase, call Daily Achievers' HQ @ (914) 348-1433

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