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Simple Steps To Get Started

01: Join the Daily Achievers' Mighty Networks Hub

Create Your Account

1. Click below to create your account.
2. Once logged in, click Communities in the sidebar (if on mobile, click the menu icon at the top left)
3. Request to join the Plain To Achieve Community.
4. Request to join the Daily Achievers' Virtual Cafe.

02: Add To Your Calendar and Download the Schedule

Add To Your Calendar

If you use Google calendar, add the Plan To Achieve calendar to yours using this link.

Download The Schedule

Download this file to see the full Plan To Achieve program schedule.

03: Log In To New Zenler

You should have received an email with login details from New Zenler, which is the platform where the training portion of the program lives.  Locate that and log into your training area to have a look around.

While you’re there, check out the information in Module 0…this is your pre-module. You will find the Welcome video and the Getting Started Guide. The guide contains important information and key links you’ll need.

That's it for now!

Got questions? Email achiever@theresacifali.com.

Please add that email to your contacts and whitelist it as well so you don’t miss important reminders and updates.

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