The Best 8 Tools for Managing Remote Workers or a Virtual Team

Having a virtual team can be amazing, but isn’t without its challenges. Luckily we live in an age where there are many team management tools to choose from so you ca work more effectively together.

In this post, I’m going to share eight remote team management tools that will help you increase productivity, communication, and connection among your remote team members.

8 Tools for Managing Remote Workers

1. is my absolute favorite project management tool.  It's the one that I use with my team.

It allows you to organize all your team’s tasks and projects and gives you multiple “board views”— which is great for really visual people (like me!). is also great for documenting processes for your team as well as for making sure everyone knows exactly where everyone else is at in a given process.  For example, we run our repeatable process for blog management here.  It helps us see what tasks are due, who is responsible for those tasks, and where that task is in its completion.

Simply, keeps us organized and saves us time on many levels.

Price: They have a new plan for Individuals and two seats (users) that is free. Paid plans start at $8.00 per seat per month.

2. Slack


If you’re still mainly communicating with your team via email, you need to check out Slack!

Slack lets you keep all your conversations organized and centralized, so everyone on your team is always in the loop.

And using “channels”, you can break up communications by task, project, or department…making sure only those team members who need to be in the know, are!

Price: You can get started with Slack for free.  Paid plans start at $6.67 per user, per month.

3. Zoom


It's unlikely you've not heard of this incredible tool!  That's right.  Zoom!  Zoom has made it easier than ever to bring your team together for live, interactive video-based meetings.

Screen-sharing, whiteboard, audio recording, video recording, and cloud storage are just a few features available to you even with the free plan.   Plus, it's a tool you can grow into with add-ons for larger room capacity, phone, webinar, and more.

Zoom is also super easy to use, and will even transcribe your meetings for you so you can read, search or share them later on!

Price: The basic plan is free, and lets you hold meetings up to 40 minutes long. Paid plans start at $14.99 per month or you can save even more by going with an annual plan.

4. SignRequest

Getting signatures when you have a remote workplace is easy with a tool like SignRequest.

Simply upload your document, enter the email(s) of the person you want to send it to, and then specify where you want them to sign.

It will then get sent out via email and you’ll have your document signed in no time!

Price: You can try it out for 14-days for free.  Paid plans start at $9 per month.


When you have team members all over the world, it can be a real challenge trying to remember which time zone each person is in.

With, you simply enter the name and location of each of your team members (along with a picture), and it automatically populates a page with all of this info.

Then the next time you need to schedule a call or a meeting, go to this page and know immediately what time it is for every single member of your team!

Price: Free.

6. Otter

Ever have an important thought you just must share with your team?

When you all work in the same office, this is easy to do. But what about when your team members are all over the globe?

With Otter, simply record your thoughts via the app, and it will transcribe them for you in real-time. You can then export these notes and send them to your team members. It’s as easy as that!

Price: Free for up to 600 transcription minutes per month. Premium plans start at $8.33 per user, per month.

7. Dropbox

Keeping documents organized and accessible when you have a remote team can be tricky. While you can always email documents back and forth, this can quickly get confusing and information can easily fall through the cracks.

With Dropbox, all your important documents are stored in one central location, where anyone on your team can access them, from any device (as long as you’ve given them permission!).

Price:  Dropbox Basic is free.  Business plans start at $19.99, per month for individuals or $15 per user per month.

8. I Done This

Ever wish you could get a quick, daily snapshot of what everyone on your team has accomplished on a given day?

With I Done This, every member of your team is reminded to report in once each day on which tasks they’ve finished, and which they haven’t. So you’ll always know exactly where things are at!

Price: Plans start at $12/50 per user, per month.

Final Thoughts About Remote Team Management Tools

I trust this post has given you some good ideas for managing your virtual team. Having the right tools can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping everyone on track and on task!

I trust this post has given you some good ideas for managing your virtual team. Having the right tools can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping everyone on-track and on-task!Click To Tweet

Looking for more tools you can use in your business? Check out 8 Time Management Tools to Boost Your Productivity, Reduce Distractions, and Keep You on Track.

Which tools above are you going to try out this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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